· Heating hoses

Heating hoses


Heated cables of heating hoses are available resisting up to a temperature of 200°C (also available as custom-made product resisting up to 400°C – only for the non Ex type)

Press up 500 bar depending on the implemented after the nominal diameter of the pipes. Heating may be self limiting or constant heating cable.

We offer like to a supervision of thermocouples/PT 100 / 1000 and the corresponding controller and limiter.

All accessories have been tested in practice and can be supplied. We deliver the corrugated hoses in the materials PVC/PA 6-12 and metal with and without a protective cover.

Heating hoses are used in different branches of industry.

They are used in refineries or the petro industry, in the chemicals industry or in the pharmaceutical industry and also in measuring units for exhaust emissions.

The SMB Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik mbH is able to offer and to install the affiliated components for you like moisture analyzer or chromatographs.

We further connect these instruments with your process control system or stored-program control system in Ex or non Ex.


Referring to the outer sheath we offer you the following categories:

  • PA- 6 corrugated hose
  • PA- 12 corrugated hose
  • PA- braid of wooven
  • glas braid of wooven
  • metal + PU blue
  • metal braid of wooven