· Heating and insulation sleeves

Heating and insulation sleeves

Heating- and insulation sleeves are flexible re- and detachable heating and isolation systems which can be connected with nearly every object. Typical use fields are throughout tracing heating of pipe installations in process- , analysis- and vacuum technique but also to temperate single objects like valves, tools a.s.o.

Essential product features and advantages:

  • installed, constructed and customized regarding to the costumers request
  • high standing time by using chosen materials and optimized design
  • re- and detachable every time
  • high effective, integrated warmth isolation
  • regular heat input by leak proof heating head assignment
  • robust and dirt repellent surface with various coatings


Application: isolation of various components or objects to retain temperature on heated tubes or other elongate parts to avoid easily cold bridges by using Velcro, detachable temperature resistant insulation, 10 mm thick