Foundation of SMB (Sieler Müller Belzer) Gesellschaft für Automatisierungs-Technik mbH with the company strategy at that time to offer customer-oriented total services in the most diverse technology areas of electrical, measuring, and control technology.


Already one year after the foundation of the company we are able to support our customers with partial as well as complete concepts on the level of automation and optimization of machines, plants and processes, which, depending on the task, are composed of modules such as consulting, planning, project engineering, manufacturing, programming, visualization, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair.


An order to supply 39 analyzer systems with various applications for the control, monitoring and regulation of Claus plants to a gas company gives rise to the analysis systems division within just one year.


Move into the newly built Technology Center Nidda with company headquarters and integration of the EMSR (electrical, measuring, and control technology )and Analytical Systems divisions; central warehouse and mechanical production remain at the founding location in Geiß-Nidda.


Inspired by the analysis technology, the division mechanical production has been established in the meantime, inevitably based on this, plant instrumentation, custom-made products and goods handling for machines, plants and system applications.


Foundation of the company SMB Prozeßanalysentechnik GmbH with the company strategy at that time to be available to a certain clientele as a total service provider for process analyses based on the analysis system technology.


24-hour service 365 days a year, a challenge to our employees in the service sector - at the same time a confirmation of our corporate strategy "Competence and availability are demanded and rewarded by the customer".


Regenerative energy systems - power and heat comes from nature. SMB offers a complete program of regenerative energy systems, starting with photovoltaic systems, solar systems up to heat pumps; combined heat and power units and solid fuel systems to round off our business area HVAC.


Foundation of SMB Vertriebs- und Service GmbH with the company strategy of being available to a specific clientele as a total service provider for heat engineering products based on the analysis system technology.


Move to our newly built Technology Center Nidda-Harb.
Creation of further technically high-quality workplaces in order to be able to meet customer demands for shorter innovation times and increased production possibilities. Company headquarters and heating and air conditioning technology remain in the core city.


- 3 becomes 1 - not only economically a success!
Merger of SMB Prozeßanalysentechnik GmbH and SMB Vertriebs- und Service GmbH with SMB Gesellschaft für Automatisierungs-Technik mbH.


25 years of SMB and still a reliable and competent partner in terms of "Innovative solutions at the highest technical level".


Merger of the locations Nidda (heating and air conditioning technology) and Nidda-Harb - for improved processes and shorter transportation and communication routes.